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Altcoins Expected To Peak In October 2025, 546 Days After Bitcoin Halving

Investors are eagerly speculating on the next altcoin bull run, and historical trends might offer a clue. An analysis from the latest episode of Working Channel Money suggests that altcoins have historically peaked 546 days post-Bitcoin halving. If this pattern holds, the next altcoin surge could occur by October 2025.

Predicting the Altcoin Bull Run

In a recent episode of Working Channel Money, an analyst highlighted a recurring pattern from past cryptocurrency cycles. According to the analysis, altcoins peaked 546 days post-halving in 2016 and 2020. The next altcoin peak could occur in October 2025 if this trend continues. This prediction aligns with broader market peak estimates and offers a timeline for investors to anticipate significant altcoin gains.

Market Dynamics and Influencing Factors

While historical trends provide a framework, several factors could alter the timing of the altcoin peak. Cycle acceleration and macroeconomic influences might lead to an earlier peak. Despite these uncertainties, current market conditions suggest we are still in the early stages of the altcoin cycle. Bitcoin dominance is rising, and altcoins have been lagging despite increased trading volumes and a market cap holding steady at around $2.45 trillion.

Room for Growth in Altcoin Market Cap

Examining the total market cap for altcoins excluding Bitcoin, the analyst noted it is about 60% off its all-time high. Historically, reaching a new all-time high has led to significant altcoin rallies. With Bitcoin’s current price around $66,800 and minimal volatility, the altcoin market shows potential for substantial upward movement.

Altcoins excluding both Bitcoin and Ethereum are 75% off their all-time high, indicating even more room for growth. As the market progresses, significant daily gains are anticipated, potentially reaching 10-90% during the peak phase.


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