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Android phones, including Galaxy S24 Ultra, may soon look inferior

Some big changes are on their way and it could make the current crop of Android phones looks massively inferior. Qualcomm, a US firm that makes chips which power many of the best devices on the market, has just confirmed it’s holding its yearly Snapdragon Summit later this year where it’s likely the next batch of upgrades will be uncovered.

Qualcomm always uses this yearly event to showcase the next generation of processors and this time around we could get to see the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4.

This will replace the already mighty Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 as its flagship silicon – that’s the brain that currently powers Samsung’s premium Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Along with being faster, the Gen 4 will probably be more efficient and offer improvements to gaming, photography and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

So when will this big event take place?

Qualcomm says its Snapdragon Summit 2024 will start on October 21st, 2024, with three days of news and announcements.

The first Android phones that will then feature the new chip should then start shipping towards the end of 2024. If history repeats itself we should see the first Gen 4-powered Samsung device released in the early part of 2025.

Along with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4, we can also expect the technology firm to reveal new PC processors as well.

At the Snapdragon Summit in 2023 we got our first look at the new X Elite chip which is now powering new laptops from the likes of Samsung, Microsoft and Acer.

Some manufacturers have recently been boasting that their Windows devices that feature this latest brain are outpacing Apple’s award-winning M3 MacBooks.

If Qualcomm does announce an upgrade to its PC processors, expect even better perform and longer battery life from devices that use them.


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