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Asda is giving £150 away if you buy Samsung’s newest phone

So if you have been in the market for a mid-range smartphone and want some cash to help out with Christmas shopping, this Asda deal might be worth picking up. 

But if you want to go all out, Asda Mobile is also offering the same deal on the Samsung Galaxy S23 for £842.99 if you fancy getting the most up-to-date smartphone on the market.

Our Samsung Galaxy S23 FE review gave the phone 3.5 stars out of five and praised the device for its price and bringing all the good parts of the Samsung Galaxy S23 but at a cheaper price.

It’s a solid choice if your budget for a shiny new Android phone tops out at £600 and you prefer a Samsung handset. It has a very good main camera, solid design and build quality, but it is a bit of a chonk, and the sub-par telephoto camera is a waste of space (and cost).

There are also alternatives as well if you want to join team Apple. You can find out more about the best iPhone 15 deals, best iPhone 15 Pro deals and the best iPhone 15 Pro Max deals.


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