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Best Galaxy Z Fold 5 deals: Save £800 and get Disney+ for FREE

Best Galaxy Z Fold 5 deals: Samsung has unveiled a slew of savings ahead of the release date (Image: SAMSUNG • EXPRESS NEWSPAPERS )

Hunting for the best Galaxy Z Fold 5 deals? You’re in the right place as there are some staggeringly good promotions available.

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 5 boasts a lighter design, brighter display, and redesigned S Pen stylus for improved note-taking. Want to know whether these tweaks mean this fifth-generation foldable should be your next handset? Our in-depth Galaxy Z Fold 5 review has all of the answers.

The Galaxy Z Fold 5 was unmasked alongside an improved Galaxy Z Flip 5. Looking for the best Galaxy Z Flip 5 deals? We’ve rounded up the latest price cuts and promotions together in a separate guide. And if you want to know whether that phone is worth your hard-earned cash, our Galaxy Z Flip 5 review has our definitive verdict.

Short on time? Our favourite Galaxy Z Fold 5 deal right now comes courtesy of the Samsung store. For a limited time, Samsung is offering up to £650 off when you trade-in your current phone. Obviously, the exact amount will depend on the brand, model, and condition of the phone you’re willing to part with.

But, Samsung will guarantee a discount of £150 for any phone in any condition. Yes, really. You could post a broken, long-forgotten Nokia 3310 from the back of a dusty drawer and unlock a £150 discount on the SIM-free Galaxy Z Fold 5. That drops the £1,749 starting price for the 256GB model down to £1,599.

Of course, if you’ve got something a little more desirable, you can drop the cost down to just £1,099.

And that’s not all. Samsung is also bundling a one-year subscription to Disney+ (worth £79.90) with every order.

This is available no matter where you decide to buy the Galaxy Z Fold 5, whether that’s a SIM-free purchase from your favourite online or high street store, or a pay monthly deal with a mobile network for the next 36-months. As long as you’ve got a brand-new, boxed Galaxy Z Fold 5 in your hands, you can claim the one-year streaming subscription from the Samsung website.

best galaxy z fold 5 deals

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 is more expensive at launch, so you’ll need to take advantage of the deals (Image: SAMSUNG )

If you decide to take advantage of the supercharged trade-in deals, it’s worth pointing out a few important paragraphs of small print. Firstly, Samsung will immediately apply the discount to the Galaxy Z Fold 5 in your shopping basket. Yes, that means there’s no need to apply for a refund weeks after your purchase (an arduous process you’ll need to contend with when taking advantage of trade-in deals with some rival brands) you’ll simply pay a reduced for your Galaxy Z Fold 5 at checkout. Simple.

Samsung will mail out a freepost envelope to send off your existing handset to its engineers. You’ll have 7 days after the package arrives to send off your trade in phone. Thankfully, Samsung offers next-day delivery on its Galaxy Z Fold 5 orders, so you’ll have plenty of time to transfer your apps, photos, and contacts between the phones and only mail your existing handset when you’re sure that you haven’t lost any data in the transfer process.

If you’re willing to part with a flagship phone released within the last three years, Samsung will offer a serious discount

As mentioned above, there is a guaranteed £150 discount available for any phone in any condition (it doesn’t even need to turn on) but the maximum £650 discount is reserved for the latest flagship devices from Samsung and Apple. There’s a handy calculator on the checkout page that breaks down the exact trade-in value for your current device.

If you want to upgrade to the latest smartwatch to go with the latest foldable, we’ve put together the best Galaxy Watch 6 Classic deals too. It was announced at the same Galaxy Unpacked alongside the latest foldables. 

Below, you’ll find our round-up of the best Galaxy Z Fold 5 deals available today.

That includes the latest SIM-free deals from Samsung, as well as popular online retailers like John Lewis & Partners, Amazon UK, Argos, Currys, Very UK, and more. We’ve also put together a definitive list of the latest deals from UK mobile networks.

We’ve also put together some information about the new additions in the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and how it compares to its predecessor. Use the links above to jump to the relevant section, or scroll down for our complete guide to the best Fold 5 deals.

Galaxy Z Fold 5 price

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 is a little bit pricier than its predecessor, a trend that we’ve also seen with the Galaxy Z Flip 5 too.

The UK prices for the three storage configurations are…

  • £1,749 for 256GB of storage 
  • £1,849 for 512GB of storage
  • £2,049 for 1TB of storage

For comparison, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 started at £1,649 when it launched last summer. Interestingly, the 1TB variant of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 cost £2,019 at launch, so this maxed-out model has weathered the latest price rises better than other configurations.

If you’re already signed-up with the Samsung Upgrade Program, you’re likely eligible to switch your current handset to the brand-new Galaxy Z Fold 5. We’ve got detailed instructions on how to upgrade with Samsung Upgrade Program.

Best Galaxy Z Fold 5 deals

With prices for the Galaxy Z Fold series on the rise compared with last year, there’s never been a better time for a good deal.

Thankfully, Samsung and a number of popular UK retailers have delivered exactly that. For a limited time, Samsung is bundling an annual subscription to Disney+ for free.

Worth £79.90, this unlocks access to exclusive boxsets like Secret Invasion, The Bear, Dopesick, Only Murders In The Building, Star Wars: AndorWelcome To Wrexham, and more, on your new Galaxy Z Fold 5 …or any other devices with the Disney+ app.

Best of all, Samsung will honour this Disney+ subscription giveaway no matter where you’ve decided to buy the Galaxy Z Fold 5. That means you’ll be able to claim the annual subscription after your purchase whether you buy the Galaxy Z Fold 5 from John Lewis & Partners or decide to sign-up for a pay monthly deal with O2. 

However, there are a number of advantages to buying the Galaxy Z Fold 5 direct from the Samsung store, including the exclusive colour options. Galaxy Z Fold 5 is available in Grey and Blue when bought directly from Samsung (either online or in-store) in addition to the standard Icy Blue, Phantom Black, and Cream available nationwide.

best samsung galaxy z fold 5 deals uk

Galaxy Z Fold 5 can run two apps side-by-side on the folding display for extra productivity (Image: SAMSUNG)

Samsung has also increased its trade-in offers to encourage fans to upgrade to the brand-new Galaxy Z Fold 5.

For a limited time, you can secure a discount of up to £650 when you trade-in your current handset. Generously, Samsung won’t ask you to send off your existing phone until the shiny new Galaxy Z Fold 5 arrives in the post (that means you’ll never be left without a handset and will have plenty of time to transfer across your apps, photos, and contacts too)

As you’d expect, the discount will vary based on the make, model, and condition of the smartphone you’re hoping to trade-in. However, Samsung will guarantee £150 off the cost of the Galaxy Z Fold 5 when you trade-in any phone in any condition (that includes a broken handset that doesn’t switch on). 

Best Galaxy Z Fold 5 pay monthly deals

If you’d rather not pay for the Galaxy Z Fold 5 outright, there are a number of pay monthly deals with the biggest UK mobile carriers. Regardless of which mobile network you pick, you’ll still be able to claim an annual subscription to Disney+ for free from Samsung.

Some mobile networks include free subscriptions of their own, so you’ll have even more freebies to test out on your new handset. 

To make the comparison fair, we’ve picked pay monthly deals with between 20GB to 30GB of 5G mobile data each month.

Of course, this 5G data allowance won’t suit absolutely everyone, but it should be enough for most people. With roughly 25GB of data, you’ll be able to stream music or YouTube videos when away from Wi-Fi, answer video calls, and plot routes on Google Maps without worrying about running out.

For those who binge boxsets on Netflix on the train to work every day and don’t want to plan ahead and download episodes at home …you might want to plump for more data.

Galaxy Z Fold 5: What’s new?

The Galaxy Z Fold 5 arrives with a brighter screen, faster chipset from Qualcomm, and a thinner design.

Samsung has dropped 10g and 2.4mm in thickness compared with the previous generation – Galaxy Z Fold 4 – released in summer 2022, thanks to an improved hinge mechanism.

Aside from these welcome improvements, Samsung has kept the overall design of the handset very similar to last year. As such, you’ll find an edge-to-edge 6.2-inch Cover Screen and 7.6-inch AMOLED folding touchscreen that unfurls like a paperback. Like the Galaxy Z Fold 4, there are still six separate cameras included in the design.

Samsung has improved the hinge mechanism since its last foldable, dropping the size and weight 

Powering the Galaxy Z Fold 5 is the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy – a customised version of the chipset designed specifically for Samsung devices.

That’s the same processor you’ll find inside the Galaxy Z Flip 5, Galaxy S23, and Galaxy S23 Ultra. In the Galaxy Z Fold 5, Samsung says the Qualcomm-built chipset unlocks speedier performance and longer battery life.

Samsung has increased the size of the cooling system inside the Galaxy Z Fold 5 to keep everything cool during marathon gaming sessions.

best galaxy z fold 5 folding amoled screen

The expansive foldable screen offers a buttery-smooth 120Hz refresh rate (Image: SAMSUNG )

The Galaxy Z Fold 5 arrives with improvements to the displays, with brightness increased from 1,000- to 1,200nits. Better yet, peak brightness has risen from 1,300- to 1,750nits compared to the Galaxy Z Fold 4. That means using the handset outdoors shouldn’t be an issue – even in direct sunlight.

Like the handset itself, Samsung has put its S Pen Fold Edition on a diet too. For those who rely on the S Pen to sign PDFs, annotate screenshots, doodle or make handwritten notes, this new compact design (41% slimmer, Samsung tells us) is sure to save a lot of space in pockets and bags.

This svelte new design means the Slim S Pen Case, which has a dedicated slot to store the digital stylus when it’s not in use, is now just a fraction thicker than a regular case for the Galaxy Z Fold 5.

The best Galaxy Z Fold 5 deals before Christmas

If you have been looking for a new phone just before 2024 or you want to treat your a partner or a friend to a foldable phone, there’s plenty of great deals out there.

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday been and gone, you could get yourself a cracking deal especially on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5. 

The best deal we have found for the device is from Fonehouse which is offering the 256GB version of the phone for just £1079 – the cheapest price around without needing to trade in your phone.

If that deal sells out, the next best deal that we have found is from Laptops Direct which is selling the 512GB version of the phone for £1349. It’s a brilliant price and there’s no need to send off your phone to get the discount unlike the Samsung offer.

Samsung has also been putting out some bumper deals for the Galaxy Z Fold 5 including huge price cuts, free laptops and discounts through its app so it’s worth checking out regularly.


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