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Best iPhone 15 Pro cases: Cheap and durable cases you must buy


iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max are now available to buy. If you’ve treated yourself to a shiny new smartphone, you’ll probably want to protect your investment with a case. Apple has made some bold claims about its Ceramic Shield design, IP68 water resistance, and strong titanium frame, but you don’t want to put this drop-proof design to the test.

A case is a great way to shield your iPhone 15 Pro from scuffs and scratches. If you want your iPhone to hold its value throughout its lifecycle, then it’s good to use a case to keep everything box-fresh.

With the arrival of the new Action Button and slimmer bezels around the Super Retina XDR Display, you will need a new case for your iPhone 15 Pro or iPhone 15 Pro Max. A case for the iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro, or iPhone 14 Pro will not fit properly.

If you haven’t upgraded to the new iPhone, we’ve rounded up the best iPhone 15 Pro deals and best iPhone 15 Pro Max deals. Unsure if this is the right choice for you? Our iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone 15 Pro Max review has all of the answers.

We’ve scoured the best cases for you to consider from some of the top manufacturers such as Otterbox, Spigen, Casetify, Mous and more. Find our top picks to consider for your brand-new shiny iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max below.

Best case to consider for your iPhone 15 Pro

Spigen iPhone 15 collection of cases

Spigen’s iPhone 15 cases for sale (Image: Spigen)

One of our top picks for you to consider is the case manufacturer Spigen who sells some of the best iPhone 15 Pro cases you can buy.

Spigen has been the go-to for some of our tech writers here at the Daily Express and you can get them for a great price on Amazon. You can choose between a variety of models including the Thin Fit cases so you can still enjoy the sleekness of your device or the Spigen Ultra Hybrid cases that are slim and minimalist but feature military-grade technology to protect your device. 

And for those that want to best protection for their phones, Spigen’s Tough Armour cases will protect your phones from tough drops and impact they may face. 

You can get them from Amazon for the iPhone 15, 15 Plus, 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max for as little as £17.

Best iPhone 15 Pro case if you want to show off your new device

If you want to show off your shiny titanium iPhone 15 Pro to friends and family, you might be on the lookout for a clear or minimalist case on the market. 

Otterbox has managed to make their cases perfect for those who want a minimalist case with great protection. 

Its ultra-thin React Series cases protect your phone from drops and scrapes and its solid one-piece form is precision-fit for your phone and its soft touch edges provide great grip so you won’t worry about them slipping from your hand. 

They are also Drop+ certified which means they are drop tested to meet military standards so you can have piece of mind when you install the case. 

Also, Otterbox is offering 10 per cent off its screen protectors for a limited time when you buy a case so you can have complete protection for your phone. 

If you want to consider another brand, Spigen also has a range of clear cases especially its Thin Fit cases on Amazon for £17

Best iPhone 15 Pro cases if you want tough protection

Casetify Ultra Bounce case

The Casetify Ultra Bounce case (Image: Casetify )

Some smartphone users absolutely believe in the best protection possible – especially when you spend more than £500 on an iPhone which you want to keep screen or chip-free. 

Well the good news is there’s plenty of cases that you can choose to ensure you have best protection around. 

Our top pick is Casetify who has some of the best and most rugged cases on the market – and some of the best-looking cases as well. 

Its Ultra Bounce case is a whopping £108 but is made to endure the most extreme drops, achieving a record-breaking 10x military-grade standard and up to 32.8 ft. drop protection. 

It is also protected at all sides and angles, including the camera. It is also MagSafe compatible with Apple’s chargers, so you don’t need to worry about buying a new MagSafe accessories.

Casetify isn’t the only case expert on the market when it comes to the ultimate protection for your iPhone.

Otterbox has its own Defender series that has top protection for any iPhone 15 Pro on the market.

It features a premium rugged design displays clean lines with a comfortable grip that guards your iPhone against serious drops, dirt, scrapes and bumps. Built-in magnets allow MagSafe chargers and accessories snap right to Defender Series XT, and an integrated lanyard attachment gives you extra ways to carry your case.

Best iPhone 15 Pro cases if you want to express yourself

Casetify iPhone cases

Casetify iPhone cases (Image: Casetify)

If you love to express yourself on your new shiny iPhone 15 Pro and show off a little bit of your character then Casetify might be the best option for you.

Mixing in great protection and great looking iPhone cases, Casetify allows you to customise your phone exactly how you want it.

Whether you want to put your name, a logo or anything on your iPhone 15 Pro, Casetify allows you to do just that. It has a wide range of cases – not just iPhone 15 – that you can choose and customise.

Casetify also teams up for special collaborations such as Harry Potter, Hello Kitty, Chainsaw Man, One Piece and more that you can show off on your new iPhone 15 Pro.

Casetify also has a mixture of prints that you can choose to have on the back of your case as well as collaborations from artists – making your phone look truely unique.

And don’t forget Casetify’s amazing protection that it provides on all of its cases.

Casetify’s Impact Cases are 8.2 ft. drop-test approved, while the Bounce Cases are 21.3 ft. drop-test approved, and the Ultra Bounce Cases are 32.8 ft. drop-test approved.

Best iPhone 15 Pro cases for a touch of luxury

Burga is a brand focused on style – without sacrificing rugged protection for your precious smartphone. Launched back in 2016 by two friends, Burga quickly gained an impassioned following, thanks to the stylish flair used across its iPhone case designs.

The colourful and fashion-focused patterns catch a lot of eyes on social media, leading to the brand expanding into other devices beyond Apple and Samsung handsets. Burga now has a growing line of AirPod cases, Apple Watch straps, and MacBook designs too. It has even stepped into launching original products, like fashionable eyewear.

Burga has quickly updated its lineup to support the new case designs and sizing of the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. As you might expect from such a fashionista-focused brand, these luxurious cases are a little pricier than some of the options in this guide. 

But if you’re happy to spend a little more, Burga is guaranteed to catch more than a few eyes as it shields your new iPhone from accidental drops, scuffs, and scratches. 

Best iPhone 15 Pro cases we’ve tried

Below you’ll fond out best iPhone 15 Pro cases that we have personally tried out and can recommend.

We’ve tried and tested a number of cases from the sleekiest to the most rough and durable around so you can be assured that you will be getting the best cases to protect your iPhone 15 Pro.

We’ve looked at major brands including MOUS, Casetify and more to ensure they pass our standards so you can ensure you’re getting a good quality product for your cash.

Here’s some of our personal best cases we’ve tried:

1. Mous Clarity 2.0

The Mous Clarity 2.0

The Mous Clarity 2.0 (Image: Daily Express)

What we love

  • Sleek and clean case
  • MagSafe compatible
  • Great protection when dropped
  • Anti-yellowing technology

What we don’t

  • Expensive
  • Can slip out your hand if you’re not careful

One of our top cases we have tried out is the Mous Clarity 2.0 which has been one of the sleekiest and most solid cases we’ve tried and tested.

Mous has been very public showing off how tough and sturdy its cases are – and we can definitely see why. 

We tried dropping the case at a number of different heights including thigh-level and chest-level and both drops left no damage to our iPhone 15 Pro. 

That’s thanks to its AiroShock defensive technology which cushions the iPhone when it falls. We were a bit sceptical when we felt the material but after drop tests, we could see just how sturdy the case was.

Another brilliant point about the case is a raised camera lip that seems unnoticable but has definitely stopped my camera lenses from being possibily scratched.

One major drawback about clear cases is that they tend to yellow overtime but Mous promises that its cases won’t yellow which is a great feature. 

But all this doesn’t come cheap. At £59.99, it’s not a cheap investment but you certainly do get a ton of protection and features for your money.

2. Casetify Impact case

Casetify's Impact case

Casetify’s Impact case (Image: DAILY EXPRESS)

What we love

  • Tough
  • Feels great in-hand
  • MagSafe compatible
  • Amazing customisation

What we don’t

  • Can be expensive
  • Branding is a bit overt

Casetify’s Impact cases feel absolutely great when in hand and certainly deserves a top spot insome of the best cases we’ve tried. 

Casetify has managed to perfect great protective cases that feels good to handle but also allow for a wide range of customisation with well-known brands and artists.

If you really want to show off your fandom – whether or not that’s anime or Harry Potter – Casetify has you covered.

Its Impact case offers great protection when dropped from chest and knee-height and left no damage to our iPhone 15 Pro. One of the biggest drawbacks we have with our Impact case is the price.

Starting at more than £60, it’s an expensive investment but well worth the money if you want to customise and protect your new iPhone.

Also one gripe we had was the branding. Casetify puts its logo along the camera lip of the phone cases which – compared to other brands – seems a bit too overt for our tastes.

3. Burga Elite

The Burga Elite case

The Burga Elite case (Image: Daily Express)

What we love

  • The best in-hand case we’ve tried
  • Stylish with great designs
  • Tough
  • MagSafe options available

With many iPhone cases boasting to be “premium”, many brands tend to fall short in providing value for money. 

But Burga seems to have hit a sweet spot with its Elite case – providing a luxury iPhone case which is also extremely stylish and protects your iPhone well.

The Elite case costs £60 but despite its high price point, the case felt rugged, sturdy and sleek all at the same time. 

In-hand, the Elite case feels like it will never slip out of grasp with slight indents on the side of the case to improve the grip on the phone. 

The back of the case and Burga’s designs are probably the strongest aspect of the case. They come in a variety of contemporary and stylish designs which would make people take a second glance.

And Burga’s Elite case did well to protect the iPhone 15 Pro from knee height and chest height drops. It comes with raised bezels around the screen and camera protect the delicate glass against flat drops

Burga’s Elite case is probably one of the best cases on the market today and well worth investing if you have the money.

4. Wave case

Wave iPhone 15 Pro case

The Wave case (Image: DAILY EXPRESS)

What we love

  • The most eco-friendly case we’ve seen
  • Much cheaper than some competitors
  • Simple but subtle design
  • Great drop protection

Made Made from biodegradable materials

What we don’t

  • Not the go-to case if you want premium

If you haven’t heard of Wave case, you might be forgiven as it doesn’t have the weight as other competitors like Mous and Casetify but you might want to consider them if you’re looking for a eco-friendly and simple case with no frills. 

Many of the cases that we have covered are premium and come with a premium price but Wave still manages to provide great protection without that premium price.

Granted – you give up all the frills that Burga, Casetify and Mous provide but when we dropped it from both chest and pocket height, our phone survived any bumps. 

One of the best things about Wave case is how eco-focused the company is with its cases. Its cases are made from biodegradable materials and comes with carbon-neutral shipping included. 

When we originally unboxed the case, we thought one of the biggest issues would be it slipping out of our hand. Don’t be fooled by the pictures as Wave have made the material perfect to grip in-hand.

Another great point is the price. At £25 per case (and a buy one get one free promo currently on), it’s a good price for a case compared to some competitors on the market.


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