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Bitcoin And Gold: Smart Investments Amid Political And Economic Shifts

Investment experts Charlie Morris and Alexander Chartres reveal why it’s time to buy bitcoin or gold amid geopolitical risks and uncertainty — Bloomberg

Geopolitical Concerns Drive Investment in Bitcoin and Gold

In a recent discussion on the Merryn Talks Money podcast, Charlie Morris, Chief Investment Officer and founder of ByteTree, and Alexander Chartres, a fund manager at Ruffer, elaborated on the current investment landscape. They pointed out that the ongoing geopolitical turmoil, coupled with an election year, significantly boosts the attractiveness of Bitcoin and gold.

Alexander Chartres noted, “We’re in a period of extraordinary regime change for markets.” The U.S. presidential election has notably shifted the focus towards cryptocurrencies, with both candidates, Donald Trump and Joe Biden, expressing support for Bitcoin and broader crypto adoption. This bipartisan endorsement marks a crucial shift in the financial landscape.

Charlie Morris added that many politicians in the U.S., Europe, and the UK are not addressing the burgeoning debt and deficits. The U.S. budget deficit has surpassed $1.2 trillion, prompting warnings from the IMF about the risks of soaring deficits and higher interest rates. Against this backdrop, both Morris and Chartres advocate for diversifying investment portfolios, highlighting Bitcoin and gold as essential components.

Bitcoin Faces Pressure Amid Federal Reserve’s Interest Rate Stance

The U.S. Federal Reserve’s recent stance on interest rate cuts has created headwinds for Bitcoin. Initially projecting three rate cuts this year, the Fed has now scaled back its expectations to just one. This shift has caused Bitcoin’s price momentum to falter.

Bitcoin’s price dipped to a low of $66,304 as investors remained cautious during a key macroeconomic week, characterized by the Consumer Price Index (CPI), Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meetings, Producer Price Index (PPI), and the Bank of Japan’s interest rate decision. Despite a minor recovery, Bitcoin’s trading volume has decreased by 25% in the last 24 hours, reflecting a lack of trading activity.

QCP Capital commented, “BTC is struggling to recover post-FOMC despite the strong momentum in equities. Why the divergence? We think this is because BTC miners are undergoing the post-halving capitulation, directly capping the price.” This miner capitulation has impacted Bitcoin’s price recovery, despite the overall positive sentiment in the market.


The confluence of geopolitical concerns, election dynamics, and economic uncertainties underscores the potential of Bitcoin and gold as desirable investments. As the U.S. Federal Reserve adjusts its interest rate policies, the market’s response will be crucial in shaping the future trajectory of these assets. Investors are advised to stay vigilant and consider diversifying their portfolios to navigate the evolving financial landscape effectively.

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