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CPHI Roundtable: Tjoapack – European Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

In our final EPM issue of the year, we reflected on the success of this year’s CPHI Barcelona show. As part of our look back at the year as a whole, we at EPM HQ wanted to platform some of the pharma industry’s leading companies and voices and give them the chance to reflect on their year and to address their plans for the future. 

The second in this series – which you can follow by through the CPHI Roundtable tag at the bottom of the article – Marcelo Cruz, VP Business Development & Marketing at Tjoapack:

“The pharmaceutical packaging sector played a significant role in addressing issues experienced by the wider industry, such as supply chain disruptions and regulatory hurdles during CPHI this year. The industry’s resilience and commitment to innovation were evident in the face of these challenges, along with the desire to enhance drug packaging solutions for safety, sustainability, and security. We discussed innovations in packaging materials, labelling, and serialisation to combat counterfeiting and improve patient adherence.” 

“Reflecting on the learnings of CPHI, the outlook for the global pharmaceutical sector remains promising as we move into 2024. Advances in smart packaging technologies such as Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and QR code integration will enhance traceability and ensure the authenticity of pharmaceutical products. RFID is being used increasingly to streamline the packaging process via a unique chip that processes information, such as the number of units or location. Overcoming challenges to ensure sustainability will continue to be a focus, with eco-friendly packaging materials and reduced waste solutions gaining traction. Personalised medicine and collaboration between pharmaceutical developers and their packaging partners will be key to harnessing these trends to drive growth over the next 12 months.”


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