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Fresh green salad – The Hindu

Fresh salad. Mixed falling vegetables in bowl on white background


ceberg Lettuce 100 grms

Broccoli50 gm

Chickpea boiled25 gm

Kidney beans (cooked)25 grms

Red pepper30 grms

Green pepper30 grms

Feta cheese (or Tofu)20grms

Flax seed15 grms

Vinaigrette dressing30 ml


1.Break the lettuce in small pieces, keep aside.

2.Cut the broccoli into small florets and blanch. 

3.Roast the peppers, remove skin and cut in to dices. 

4.Toss all the vegetables and beans with vinaigrette. 

5.Vinaigrette dressing can be made by mixing equal quantities of olive oil and lemon juice and salt to taste. 

6.Place the salad on a salad plate and top with feta cheese (or tofu) and flax seed.

7.Recipe courtesy: The Gateway Hotel, Bengaluru


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