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Gauri Khan shares designs secrets from her latest project, the Falguni Shane Peacock store in Kolkata 

Gauri Khan (centre) with Shane and Falguni
| Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

For Gauri Khan, the little details matter. Which is probably why, two white urns, with 3D peacock motifs, are the source of much discussion at the Falguni Shane Peacock showroom in Kolkata.

Gauri who has done the interiors for three of the FSP stores (Mumbai, Hyderabad, and now Kolkata), insisted on adding this feature ever since she designed the flagship store in Kala Ghoda, Mumbai. Though Shane was a bit apprehensive at first, Gauri gave it a shot, and now the store has peacock motifs everywhere from hangers and handles to planters. Interestingly, this is also one of Gauri’s favourite elements at the store.

The facade of the store

The facade of the store

All three stores are like siblings. They drip with luxury, share similar elements and designs and yet have their own personalities. The design is travelling to each city and incorporates beautiful elements of that city, says Gauri, who started work on this project in March this year.

“The Bombay store is the backbone of our design,” says Gauri. When the store came to Kolkata she wanted to add a dash of the city’s heritage and culture and other elements like the palate of the local people and their tradition. “Each space is different. You take it forward and tweak it,” she adds.

Spot the details

While the faux fireplace, centre tables, glass cages and chandeliers are present in the other stores as well, what’s different here is the wallpaper depicting Kolkata’s cityscape. The doors and mirrors feature the FSP monogram and brass peacock motif. The floors and walls are adorned with monogrammed carpets and wallpapers. “We are trying to combine interiors and FSP’s design language and bring out the best from their design which goes into their furniture — we designed some pieces that have some of their iconic embroidery and added fur cushions because they use that a lot in their outfits,” says Gauri.

Gauri Khan

Gauri Khan

While envisioning the interiors for this space, the key for Gauri was that when someone enters this standalone store, the feel, the look, the vibe, the grandeur should make them feel like they are royalty. “I love the vibe of the entry and it has a feel good factor,” she says adding that she also experimented with the facade of the store.

Taking us through her design process, Gauri says that while she has her own ideas about colour, design and architecture, it is important that the client also has their own design ideas. “I have to follow their lead and what they are saying. It’s their vision also. It is important to work out something together. Our vision while putting up the store had to be what FSP stands for as a brand. ”

Lanterns, chandeliers, urns and glass cages add an element of drama to the space

Lanterns, chandeliers, urns and glass cages add an element of drama to the space

In terms of similarity of vision, Gauri says that Falguni and Shane believe their clothes are glamorous, rich and not loud. “For me, a lot of my projects are high end and we also stand for richness, glitz and glamour. We connect on that,” she explains, adding that it is important to have balance. Case in point is the upcoming ready-to-wear FSP store in Delhi. When doing something very young and pret like that, there is a different language. “We know where to use the glamour and where to use the youthful vibe,” she adds.

Her design philosophy varies from client to client. “Number 1 is comfort. Everything has to be comfortable whether it’s an outfit or a sofa. It can’t be something which is too fancy, hard and uncomfortable but looks beautiful. I start with things that are maintenance free yet have luxury,” says Gauri. Her priorities include using the right material, giving the right finishes and comfort, the layout and how well the space is planned. 

The 4,500 square feet store is spread across two floors and punctuated with mirrors, glass, chandeliers and a faux fireplace

The 4,500 square feet store is spread across two floors and punctuated with mirrors, glass, chandeliers and a faux fireplace

Gauri Khan Designs completes a decade this year. Over the years, the celebrity interior designer, who is married to actor Shah Rukh Khan, has designed homes for a gamut of Bollywood personalities including Karan Johar, Siddharth Malhotra, Manish Malhotra, and more recently Ananya Pandey.

Passionate about art, her inclination towards interior design came after she did up Shah Rukh and her home Mannat, along with their other homes in Delhi and Dubai. “One is learning everyday. All the mistakes you’ve made in the past; you’re just moving forward, trying to do your best and discovering. That’s how I go forward with all my projects, learning, and not repeating mistakes.”


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