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Haier Biomedical Launches Wide Neck CryoBio Series

Haier Biomedical has launched the wide neck CryoBio series, a new generation of liquid nitrogen containers offering convenient access to stored samples. This latest addition to the CryoBio range also features an enhanced, intelligent monitoring system that ensures precious biological samples are kept safe and secure.

Haier Biomedical’s new wide neck CryoBio series is designed for the cryogenic storage of plasma, cell tissue and other biological samples in hospitals, laboratories, scientific research institutes, disease control centres, biobanks and other facilities. The wide neck design allows users to access all racking stacks to remove samples more easily. Samples are protected with double lock and dual control features, plus three password protected levels of user authority for enhanced security. The lid design also contains an integral vent to reduce the formation of frost and ice. Alongside the physical features, the wide neck CryoBio is controlled by a touchscreen monitoring system that provides real-time status information. The system also benefits from IoT connectivity, allowing remote access and data download for full auditing and compliance monitoring.

The launch of the wide neck CryoBio series is complemented by the UK availability of the latest YDZ LN2 supply vessels which are the recommended supply vehicle for the CryoBio range. These vessels are CE and PED certified, and benefit from an innovative, self-pressurising design that uses the pressure generated by vaporisation to discharge LN2 into other containers.


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Aramex Scoop Sustainability AwardGlobal logistics giant Aramex has been awarded the Sustainability in Distribution award at the recent Distributing Pharmaceuticals UK award event at the Coventry Building Society Arena. The awards night recognised the very best in innovation and sustainability from those that are directly involved in the design, development or distribution of pharmaceuticals – a sector in which Aramex has a significant footprint. Despite being up against fierce competition within their selected category, the judges ruled that Aramex’s unwavering commitment to sustainability, environmental stewardship, and mitigating climate risks were what tipped the scales on the night. Citing a 42% reduction based on scope 1 & 2 and a 25% reduction on scope 3, dependent on supplier commitment, Aramex has since 2006 implemented a multifaceted climate change mitigation strategy with the sole aim of minimising its carbon footprint and improving its impact on the environment. This strategy involves investment into renewable energy projects, commitment to minimising waste and promoting recycling across its network, enhancing energy efficiency across its operations, with initiatives such as ISO 14001 certification, LEED certification for its facilities along with further energy efficiency projects to drive down usage. Reduced water consumption, route optimisation projects to reduce fuel consumption and emissions, and a commitment to gradually transitioning its fleet to electric and low-emission vehicles have also been put in place. Aramex has also implemented its Future Vehicle Program which explores innovative solutions such as autonomous vehicles and drone deliveries to enhance efficiency and reduce environmental impact in the years to come. Ronan Kitchin who heads up the Life Science and Healthcare division at Aramex UK commented: “We are delighted to have been recognised by Distributing Pharmaceuticals at their recent award event for our work in driving sustainability initiatives throughout our distribution services – a commitment which we have made significant strides towards over the past two decades. “With a legacy of championing sustainability, our environmental and climate change mitigation strategy looks to deliver tangible and positive changes in reducing emissions across the entire business – whether that be in our efforts to minimise waste or reducing fuel consumption. Ensuring our footprint is kept at a minimum where possible is at the top of our agenda and we couldn’t be prouder that this has been recognised by an independent panel of respected industry experts within the pharmaceutical industry – a sector within which we have a long and proud history serving. “Ultimately, it’s about doing the right thing. The world is undergoing a rate of change which is incomparable to anything humankind has ever faced before and therefore all need to play their part if the collective goal of defeating the worsening climate crisis is to be achieved. A huge thanks must therefore go out to all team members across the Aramex network who have each played a part in helping the company make such incredible inroads in its own sustainability goals.”