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I’d Watch That Fruit Salad If I Were You

Don’t want salmonella? Don’t touch those cantaloupes! The bacteria usually associated with undercooked chicken contaminated a harvest and has already spread to several states. A Minneapolis firm named Pritzker Hageman is fighting to hold the distributors responsible. From CBS News:

Three people have died, including two in Minnesota. Minnesota also has the highest number of infections, with 20 reported cases of salmonella.

As of Dec. 7, the CDC reported at least 230 have been infected with salmonella from the cantaloupe in 38 different states. A total of 96 people have been hospitalized.

If you’re looking for who to blame for turning fruit salad into a health risk, the firm is suing Sofia Produce and TruFresh to cover the costs of exposure. In the meantime, stick to bananas or apples if you’re trying to eat healthy for the holidays.

Minneapolis Law Firm Files Suit Over Contaminated Cantaloupe [CBS News]

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