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Indian Army Recruitment: Can You Get Rejected Because Of Dirty Teeth?

Applicants with artificial teeth are considered ineligible.

In the recruitment manual, four dental points are specified for incisors, two for canines, four for premolars and 12 for molars.

People often think they’ll be declared unfit for recruitment in the Indian Army or paramilitary forces solely because of their dirty teeth. Despite having the necessary skills and a robust body, could you get rejected solely due to this reason?

During the recruitment process of the Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Airforce, the dental examination of applicants is conducted. It is also seen whether the applicant’s teeth are healthy or not. However, being declared unfit solely due to dirty teeth is completely wrong. There is a complete set of rules regarding individuals joining the military or paramilitary forces. According to them, each applicant has to obtain certain dental points during the examination. Only those applicants who earn the necessary points are recruited into the Indian Army or paramilitary forces.

How Are Dental Points Calculated?

There are four types of teeth in any person’s body: incisors, canines, premolars and molars. Incisors are the front teeth used for cutting food. Canines are used to separate food into different pieces. Premolars and molars assist in chewing food. For the recruitment manual, one dental point is designated for incisors, two for canines, four for premolars and two dental points for each molar. These dental points are assigned according to the health of the teeth.

How Many Dental Points Are Required for the Indian Army?

Every recruit must obtain a minimum of 14 dental points out of these 22. Goes without saying that if an applicant has artificial teeth, they will be considered ineligible. In addition, if the third molar is not well developed, only one point will be given.

Why Do Soldiers Need Healthy Teeth?

According to senior officers associated with the recruitment process, proper digestion of food will only be good when it is chewed well. The food is properly chewed only when there are healthy teeth. In this situation, a soldier will not be able to perform his duty with efficiency and concentration.


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