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Lyphe and Gro-Vida Announce Partnership

Lyphe Clinic has announced a partnership with Gro-Vida, a licensed medical cannabis cultivar. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in advancing patient care and access to high-quality medical cannabis products within the UK.

By forming a strategic partnership with Gro-Vida, Lyphe Clinic aims to further enhance its commitment to providing superior care and uninterrupted access to medical cannabis treatments for its patients.

Sophie Gamwell, Managing Director at Lyphe Clinic, expressed her enthusiasm about the partnership, stating: “We are delighted to join hands with Gro-Vida to ensure seamless access to medical cannabis for our patients. Guaranteeing a continuous and reliable supply of medication is paramount for their well-being, and this partnership enables us to fulfil that commitment.”

Mallory Bodnar, Managing Director at Gro-Vida, commented:“Our partnership with Lyphe Clinic represents a significant step forward in our shared commitment to enhancing patient well-being. We are thrilled about this collaboration, which embodies our joint dedication to elevating standards of care. Together, we are ensuring that patients have access to high-quality, consistent medical cannabis.”

Through this partnership, Lyphe Clinic patients will benefit from a streamlined medical cannabis supply chain, ensuring consistent access to their prescribed medication. Additionally, the collaboration will empower Lyphe Clinic to exercise greater control over the quality and cost of the medical cannabis provided to its patients, ultimately enhancing the overall patient experience.


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