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Recipharm Harmonises Global Quality Operations with Veeva Vault Quality

Veeva Systems have announced that Recipharm, a global contract development and manufacturing organisation (CDMO), will use Veeva Vault QMSVeeva Vault QualityDocs, and Veeva Vault Training to streamline its quality operations. Veeva quality applications will help Recipharm achieve greater quality oversight, use resources more effectively, accelerate validation, and maintain inspection readiness.

“Harmonising quality processes and GxP documentation across Recipharm sites will make our quality operations more efficient and scalable,” said Vanessa Nardolillo, Head of Quality Management and Regulatory Affairs, Recipharm. “With Veeva Vault Quality, Recipharm is setting a new global standard for quality management, site collaboration, and compliance. The system will enable us to provide our customers with a standard approach to quality. It forms a key part of our focus on continuous improvement, to unleash excellence in quality across our services”.

Recipharm offers manufacturing services to pharmaceutical and medical device companies. Vault QMS will help Recipharm gain greater control and visibility into quality processes, with Vault QualityDocs, driving efficient GxP content management and information sharing among sites. With Vault Training, Recipharm can deploy learning content and curricula to help ensure its GxP effectiveness and compliance.

“Unifying quality processes, content, and training on Veeva Vault Quality will help Recipharm keep contract development and manufacturing on track as it continues to scale,” said Rob Gaertner, Vice President, Quality strategy for Europe at Veeva. “We’re excited to partner with Recipharm in evolving its quality operations.”


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