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Save £330 on a Google Pixel 8 Pro thanks to stunning eBay deal

It is also covered by a six-month warranty by the seller as well as eBay buyer protection so you can be assured you will get the product you want in great condition.

Our Google Pixel 8 review called it a a superb small(ish) smartphone with top specs, great screen, incredible camera, and seven years of software support.

It doesn’t do anything particularly groundbreaking, but it leans into the standout features that Google’s Pixel lineup has become known for. And it does all of them brilliantly.

That means Photoshop-like photo editing wizardry, Google Assistant AI features, and a sleek all-glass design with that trademark shelf-like camera bar.

For the first time, Google is guaranteeing seven years of security updates – that comfortably beats the competition from Samsung, OnePlus, and Xiaomi. Whether Google’s custom-designed Tensor G3 system-on-a-chip remains speedy enough to keep everything ticking along as new software updates continue to be pushed out for that long remains to be seen.

The Pro model comes with a bigger screen, more RAM, slightly better camera and pro camera controls that you won’t find on the normal Pixel 8.

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