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SBI Holdings & Circle’s Shared Vision

SBI Holdings, a prominent figure in Tokyo’s financial realm, has cemented a formidable collaboration with Circle Internet Financial, marking a significant stride toward promoting the adoption of USD Coin (USDC) in Japan.

SBI Holdings & Circle’s Shared Vision

The recent alliance between SBI Holdings and Circle aims to catapult USDC’s presence in Japan’s financial landscape. This strategic partnership formalized through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), signifies a pivotal move toward fostering the circulation of USDC and advancing the utilization of Circle’s innovative Web3 services within Japan.

Jeremy Allaire, CEO and co-founder of Circle expressed profound optimism about the collaboration, emphasizing its significance by stating, “Our partnership with SBI sets a new benchmark in Japan’s financial sector, uniting our vision for the future of digital currency.”

In a similar vein, Yoshitaka Kitao, Representative Director, Chairman, President & CEO of SBI Holdings, echoed these sentiments, underlining Japan’s preparedness for embracing stablecoins’ comprehensive integration.

Strategic Partnership and Integration Efforts

This collaborative initiative hinges on SBI VC Trade Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of SBI Holdings, aiming for registration as an electronic payment instruments service provider in Japan, contingent upon regulatory approvals. This pivotal step underscores the concerted efforts to facilitate the proliferation of USDC across the country.

Further strengthening this partnership, SBI Shinsei Bank, another subsidiary of SBI Holdings, will extend essential banking services to Circle. This strategic move aims to bolster access to USDC, augmenting its liquidity, and catering to the burgeoning demand among businesses and individual users in Japan.

In a bid to bolster its digital asset strategy, SBI Holdings plans to integrate Circle’s comprehensive suite of Web3 services, encompassing Programmable Wallets, blockchain infrastructure, and smart contract management tools.

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Japan’s Steps Towards a Web3-based Economy

The collaborative initiative between SBI Holdings and Circle aligns with Japan’s proactive approach to regulating digital assets. The country’s revised Payment Services Act of June 3, 2023, lays the groundwork for regulated issuance and circulation of stablecoins, marking a significant stride toward Japan’s ambitious transition into a Web3-based economy.

The legislative focus specifically revolves around “collateralized” stablecoins, precisely mirroring the characteristics of Circle’s USDC. This stablecoin is entirely backed by highly liquid cash and cash-equivalent assets, ensuring stability and reliability.

Maintaining USDC reserves separately from operational funds and securing them at leading financial institutions further underscores the commitment to security and reliability. With USDC witnessing $12.7 trillion in on-chain transactions as of November 17, 2023, this stablecoin continues to exert significant global influence and credibility, poised to play a pivotal role in Japan’s evolving financial landscape.


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