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Steptoe Loses Its Johnson – Above the Law

I can’t even take credit for this headline — it was suggested by an Above the Law tipster, insisting that they’d be disappointed if it *wasn’t* the headline. And you know what? They’re right. The Biglaw firm f/k/a Steptoe & Johnson is going through a rebranding, and Maude Lebowski is about all I can think about.

The firm, which has gone by the full moniker since 1916, decided the time is right to use the Steptoe nickname as its formal, registered legal name. Now, Colonel Louis Johnson, the former Secretary of Defense, is losing naming rights to the Biglaw firm (#101 on the Am Law list), but he still gets an eponymous law firm. For years — since 1980 — there have been two Steptoe & Johnsons, created by an “amicable” split between the West Virginia and Washington D.C. offices of the original firm. The West Virginia-based firm will remain Steptoe & Johnson.

Best of luck to Steptoe on their new marketing adventure. And congrats to Steptoe & Johnson PLLC for outlasting the bigger firm.

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