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Which Donald Trump Asset Seizures Will Tick Him Off The Most: A Bracket

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The other day, Kathryn Rubino asked, “Will Tish James Hit Trump Where It Really Hurts?” The former president had just admitted that he couldn’t find anyone crazy enough to get him a half-billion dollar bond. Despite his legal team maintaining throughout the case that he had over $400 million in cold hard cash — indeed Trump himself testified that he had “substantially in excess of 400 million in cash” less than a year ago — they’re now singing a much sadder tune, complaining that all his money is tied up in luxurious real estate and no one will accept real property as collateral.

So, to get back to the original post, Trump’s inability to put up a bond opens the door for the New York Attorney General to start going after Trump’s most beloved properties. But what seizure would piss him off the most?

Trump Tower? Mar-a-Lago? Bedminster?

In the spirit of the season, let’s make it a bracket and let’s fuel it with your votes! We shall unveil the bracket one region at a time for the next few days. Today, we present the Golf Course Region!

(1) Trump National Golf Club, Bedminster v. (8) Trump Golf Links at Ferry Point

From Trump’s official description: “Trump National Golf Club, Bedminster boasts 36-holes of world-class golf situated on over 600 rolling acres in the prestigious New Jersey countryside. This award-winning property offers a championship golf experience in the most exclusive setting.” The Old Course is, according to Golf Digest, Trump’s highest rated course. Bedminster was also the expected host of the 2022 PGA Championship before the PGA backed out just because someone incited a mob to storm the Capitol. But that didn’t stop the Saudi-backed LIV Golf from hosting an event there. And all it probably cost were a few nuclear secrets.

Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, And Golfer Jack Nicklaus Unveil New Clubhouse At Trump Golf Links

(Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Ferry Point is the course you see when you cross the Throgs Neck into the Bronx and see “TRUMP” garishly written in large stone letters. It’s actually a Jack Nicklaus design, but it’s also built on an old trash dump. Somehow placing a gold-plating of prestige atop a bunch of garbage feels quintessentially Trump.

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(2) Trump Turnberry v. (7) Trump International Golf Links, Doonbeg, Ireland

Turnberry General Views

(Photo by David Cannon/Getty Images)

“With over 100 years of heritage and history, Trump Turnberry is an iconic destination known throughout the world,” goes the official description. “A distinctive landmark on the coastline, Trump Turnberry offers far-reaching views across some of the world’s most famous fairways.” Turnberry has also hosted the British Open multiple times, making it arguably his most “prestigious” golf course. Would the New York AG really go to the trouble of looking overseas when there are more than enough assets stateside? Probably not, but this bracket is about what would piss him off.

Doonbeg as described by the Trump organization: “The natural awe-inspiring dunes, wind speed and direction cause the most thrilling of challenges demanding golfers to constantly rethink their game.” Personally, I think playing golf in a wind randomizer would demand golfers to “constantly rethink ever taking up the game” but to each their own.

Trump wanted to build a giant wall to shield the fairways but Ireland didn’t want him destroying the dunes. This guy and his goofy walls.

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(3) Trump National Golf Club, Washington D.C. v. (6) Trump National Golf Club, Jupiter

“Trump National graces 800 rolling acres alongside the magnificent Potomac River. The panoramic setting and unique design creates the ultimate scenery for a luxury golf club.” Despite the name, the club is actually in Virginia and much like Trump himself in the classified documents case, only pretending to have a role in Washington.

It’s another Jack Nicklaus design. That’s honestly the most interesting tidbit I can find about this place. But they appear to make a solid Whiskey Sour.

But, as Trump is a teetotaler, that’s probably not going to bother him much.

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(4) Trump International Golf Club, Palm Beach v. (5) Trump National Doral, Miami

Ranked best in the state of Florida by Golf Digest, the West Palm Beach property is “Located five minutes from the beautiful Atlantic Ocean in the heart of Palm Beach.” The Trump Organization website says the West Palm Beach property’s “design lives up to the accolades and praise the course consistently receives” — which means in classic Trump form he said, “a lot of people are talking about how great it is” and some copywriter turned that into the less stupid sounding “praise the course consistently receives.”

Meanwhile, the Doral Club was on the PGA calendar from 1962 to 2016. Trump purchased the club in 2012 and embarked on a massive $250 million renovation that he completed just in time for the PGA to remove it from its annual calendar. The Washington Post has reported that the resort is in “steep decline” with operating income off by upwards of 69 percent. But he hosted the G7 summit there, offering world leaders an up close view of what an economy run by Donald Trump would look like.

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So that means:


Voting will continue until Friday, April 29 at 9:00 am Eastern.

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