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Why buying an iPad from Apple this month could be a really bad idea

With Christmas just over a week away, many might be considering buying a new tablet to pop under the tree. Apple’s iPad is a go-to choice with these devices still offering one of the very best experiences on the market thanks to their premium hardware and unbeatable software. However, if you are thinking of about heading to your local technology store to buy one of these big-screen devices this month beware!

For one of the first times ever, Apple hasn’t refreshed its iPads this year and that means a major update could be looming. In fact, some are suggesting that a swathe of shiny new tablets will arrive at the start of the year and it could be one of the biggest refreshes in years.

Tech guru Mark Gurman, who has a strong track record for getting Apple news correct, has recently posted an article on Bloomberg that lays bare what could be next for iPad.

Gurman states that Apple may try to make the current iPad lineup a little less confusing by creating a true divide between its Pro and Air devices.

The new iPad Pros could get the blisteringly quick M3 processor which will make them as powerful as Apple’s latest MacBooks.

Better, brighter OLED screens could also feature along with larger displays and improved speakers. It’s thought the new iPad Pro range will include 11 and 13-inch models.

Those wanting a less expensive option can then look at the iPad Air which looks set to get a reboot thanks to a speedy M2 processor and two screen sizes – Apple could launch 10.9-inch and 12.9-inch configurations according to Gurman.

The final change could be the removal of the older iPad 9th Gen from sale. This device is currently the cheapest way to own an iPad but its huge bezels and older Touch ID fingerprint scanner are starting to look very dated.

It’s thought that the newer iPad 10th Gen, which features an all-screen design, could get updated later in the year and become the device for those wanting an entry-level tablet.

Of course, Apple always keeps its cards close to its chest and there’s currently no official word on what the US firm has planned.

However, with no updates at all in 2023 it seems pretty certain something new is coming and if you want the best of the best we’d advise waiting a few months before investing in a new iPad.


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