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Wisconsin Institute For Law And Liberty Fights For Right To Not Support Minorities

Are you trying to support minorities?! Not on my watch! The people that went to court because offering debt forgiveness to Pell Grant recipients did too much for Blacks are back at their shtick, and this time they’re targeting the State Bar Of Wisconsin. From Reuters:

A conservative legal advocacy group has sued the State Bar of Wisconsin, claiming its diversity fellowship program for law students violates the free speech rights of bar members whose dues are used to fund it.

Plaintiff Daniel Suhr claims he should not have to pay for the state bar’s fellowship program because it is unconstitutional and not germane to the core functions of the bar. Using Suhr’s mandatory dues for what he claims is an illegal program violates his First Amendment rights under the U.S. Constitution, the lawsuit said.

I want to be clear: I do think that there are reasons to protest the use of funds being used in your name. Just for shiggles, here are a couple: tax dollars not being used to fund schools and social programs but for California PD to buy guns from dealers that have been cited for safety violations, money that was meant for COVID relief to fund police and prisons, shrugging at crippling vital infrastructure that millions of people use if it makes sure that cops get more money, state dollars funding religious organizations posing as medical centers that actively misinform their patients, or the billions of dollars America budgets to fund overseas conflicts that broke the record for the amount of children killed. ALL OF THESE ARE LIBERTY ISSUES. But to be mad that pennies on the dollar of your dues cash goes to diversifying the profession? Something about that being the hill you decide to die on screams get a hobby, dude.

Conservative Group Sues Wisconsin Bar To Block Diversity Clerkship Program [Reuters]

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